"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." Aesop

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Kindness Canine and Feline Animal Massage currently serves clients in the beautiful Willamette Valley and the Portland area in the comfort of their own homes. Pets usually feel more at ease in a place they know and love so I happily make house calls.

I also offer sessions at Newberg Canine Rehabilitation Center in Newberg, Oregon. Massage sessions are available in the rehab center Tuesdays and Thursdays (other days available by appointment). This is a wonderful way to address your pet's needs all in one place. Michelle has years of experience in hydrotherapy and is now offering laser and acupuncture treatments. Michelle and I would be excited to help create a healing package for your pet!

NEW!!! I now offer sessions at Wild Pet Provisions in Portland, Oregon. Massage sessions are available a few Mondays a month starting in April 2019. I currently have opening April 1 and April 8th with more Mondays to be added soon. This is a beautiful space to book multiple services, including nutrition counseling by Heather Macfarlane as well as buy food, toys and other goodies for your beloved pet.


Like each person, each animal is unique and each massage session will reflect those differences so I prefer to not only work closely with guardians but also others involved in the pet's care such as vets and trainers. I ask for a vet referral to be filled out before the first session. I will gladly email and follow up directly with your veterinarian for the referral if you prefer.  I also ask that the guardians fill out a health intake form. This may be filled out before the session or in the beginning while I make my first assessments to plan the massage.  Both forms are available below. 

Sessions can last between 30 min - 1 hour depending upon the animals needs. Massages are focused on the animal and guided by them, not by what I may want or the owners expectations. Guardians may or may not be present, it is the animal's and guardian's choice. Forcing an animal to accept massage or to "push through" deep tissue work is contrary to healing. Unlike us, the animal does not know they are "having a massage" and cannot choose intensity. That said, it is normal for an animal new to massage to need frequent, short breaks during a session. Animals have heightened senses compared to us and short breaks can give them time to adjust and me extra time to assess their needs. 


During the first session we will go over the health intake form, assess range of motion/over all  health and together create a massage plan. Return visits can be part of that plan based upon the family's needs. There is no one right or wrong way to approach care. 

  • Veterinary referral form (now available online when booking!)

  • Health intake form (now available online when booking!)